EE384M: Network Algorithms

3 units, Spring 2011

Balaji Prabhakar, George Varghese, Tom Edsall

Lectures: Mon Wed 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM, Herrin T195


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  • The room for the class has changed to Herrin T195.

  • Course Description

    This course covers the principles and algorithms that arise in Networking, mainly in packet switches and routers. We will discuss the theory and practice of algorithms for packet forwarding and classification, switch scheduling, traffic shaping, bandwidth partitioning, buffer management, network monitoring, traffic measurement, security and congestion control. Algorithms deployed in the Internet, data centers and cloud computing platforms will be discussed.


    A major component of EE384M is a term project. Projects should be done in teams of 2 students. Ideally, the project should be on an original idea, or, a detailed review of paper(s) on a topic related to the course. In previous offerings of this course, some of the projects have led to papers which were published in top ACM/IEEE conferences. You may find the references here useful.

    Milestones and important dates:

  • 1 page project proposal due by April 18.
  • 1 page status report due by May 9.
  • In class final presentation on May 30 / June 1.
  • Final project report (no more than 5 pages) due by June 6.

  • All deadlines are at 10AM PST.


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