Course Information

Instructor John Gill
Telephone: 650-723-4715
Office: Packard 266
Office hours: Wed 2:30-4:005pm, Thu 10:30-12:00n, and by appointment
Administrator   Helen Niu
Telephone: 650-723-8121
Office: Packard 310
Lectures MWF 9:30-10:20am, Building 540 Room 108
Prerequisites Linear algebra: matrices, Gaussian elimination
Elementary probability: binomial probability distribution
Textbook Richard E. Blahut, Algebraic Codes for Data Transmission
Bibliography Todd K. Moon, Error Correction Coding
Shu Lin and Daniel J. Costello, Jr., Error Control Coding, second edition
S. B. Wicker, Error Control Systems for Digital Communication and Storage
A. D. Houghton, The Engineer's Error Coding Handbook
Peter Sweeney, Error Control Coding: From Theory to Practice
Juergen Bierbrauer, Introduction to Coding Theory
Course topics Chapters 1-8, 12 of Blahut's Algebraic Codes for Data Transmission:
Introduction to error detection and error correction
Introduction to algebra: groups, rings, finite fields, vector spaces
Linear block codes: definitions, minimum distance, bounds
Cyclic codes and linear feedback shift register circuits
BCH and Reed-Solomon codes
Burst error correcting codes and error trapping
Logic circuits for finite field arithmetic operations
Product codes; coding gain
Homework Homework assignments are handed out on Fridays and are due by 5pm the following Friday.
Some assignments will include simple programming problems.
Examinations   Midterm examination: Friday, October 30, 9:00-10:20am, Hewlett 103
Final examination: Tuesday, December 8, 8:30-11:30am, Hewlett 103
Both exams are open book, open notes.
Grading 30%   Homework assignments
25%   Midterm examination
45%   Final examination

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