EE392b: Industrial AI

Stanford University, Spring Quarter 2021

EE392b, Professor Dimitry Gorinevsky and Professor Daniel ONeill



  1. March 31, Industrial AI Introduction, Prof. Dimitry Gorinevsky and Prof. Dan ONeill, Stanford
  2. April 7, From Industrial AI to Systems Intelligence, Dr. Chetan Gupta, Head of Industrial AI Lab, Chief Data Scientist, Hitachi
  3. April 14, Cloud Infrastructure Analytics, Dr. Wendy Zhao, Senior Director, Alibaba
  4. April 21, AI Software Innovation, Sarah Guo, VC General Partner, Greylock
  5. April 28, Industrial AI and Analytics Business, Dr. Colin Kessinger, Managing Director, E2E Analytics, Accenture AI (panel)
  6. May 5, Robotics, AI, and Risk, Dr. Michael Harries, VC, The Robotics Hub
  7. May 12, AIOps in Google Cloud, Raghu Nandan, Director of Operations Management, Google
  8. May 19, AIOps, AI for IT operators, Dr. Jian Ziang, Program Manager, Microsoft
  9. May 26, AI for Sustainable Process Industries, Dr. Heiko Claussen, SVP of Artificial Intelligence, Aspen Technology
  10. June 2, Age of Industrial AI, Beena Ammanath, Executive Director, Global AI Institute, Deloitte (panel)