Lecture: April 14, 2021


Cloud Infrastructure Analytics

Wendy Zhao, Senior Director, Alibaba


Wendy Zhao is a Principal Engineer and Senior Director of Engineering at Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Business Group. She leads the Cloud infrastructure intelligent operation automation and system platforms team in both US and China. Prior joining Alibaba, She has worked at Google’s Technical Infrastructure organization for nearly 10 years. Her technical career has touched many different areas, from hardware component/subsystem technologies to digital system design and integration, from datacenter cluster innovation to backbone network architecture, from content distribution network to infrastructure business process and operation automation platform design. She received her bachelor of science degree from Peking University, and her PhD of Electrical Engineering from University of California at Berkeley. She holds numerous research publications and more than 10 patents.


Datacenter infrastructure has become ubiquitous worldwide for Cloud computing and many large-scale Internet services. With its rapid growth, reliable and efficient management is key to the success of the business the infrastructure supports. At Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, we focus on using data and the very best techniques that Cloud enables, such as AI algorithms, to manage the Cloud infrastructure itself in an autonomous fashion. In this talk, we give an overview of the top issues large-scale datacenter operation is facing. Then we share some recent progress on specific technologies we've been working on

Lecture Notes

Presentation by Wendy Zhao (pdf)