Lecture: April 7, 2021


From Industrial AI to Systems Intelligence

Chetan Gupta, Head of Industrial AI Lab, Chief Data Scientist, Hitachi


Chetan Gupta is VP, Chief Data Scientist & Architect, and is the Head of the Industrial AI Lab at Hitachi America, Ltd. R&D. At Hitachi, he manages a team of data scientists, architects and developers that is engaged in developing cutting edge solutions and opening new frontiers in industrial analytics. His team builds fundamental horizontal technologies in predictive maintenance, quality, operations monitoring and control, and solutions for verticals such as mobility, manufacturing, mining, building energy management systems, etc. Over the years Chetan has led multiple research and development teams and mentored young researchers. He has more than 100 papers and patents in the area of Industrial AI, data mining/machine learning, data stream systems, complex event processing, workload management, etc. Chetan has a Ph.D. in Mathematics and M.S. in Mathematical Computer Science and Chemical Engineering from University of Illinois, Chicago.


Industrial AI is concerned with the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and related technologies towards addressing real-world use cases in industrial and societal domains and will fundamentally transform the world we live in. In this talk, we will first introduce Industrial AI, give some real world example, highlight challenges and lessons learned. We will also show how the current trends in Industrial AI will lead to systematic transformation of our industrial and societal landscape.

Lecture Notes

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