Lecture: May 19, 2021


AIOps, AI for IT operators,

Jian Ziang, Program Manager, Microsoft


Jian Zhang is a principal program manager at Microsoft. She received her Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering and M.S. in Management and Finance from University of Florida. She holds Data Mining and Application Graduate Certificate from Stanford University, IoT Business and Application Certificate from MIT, and has been serving as program chair/co-chair of Cloud Intelligence workshop and AIoT workshop at AAAI, KDD, and ICSE conferences.


AIOps, Artificial Intelligence (AI) for IT operators, is revolutionizing the way organizations manage its IT infrastructure with efficiency and scale in the era of big data and digital transformation. In this talk, you will learn about how AIOps can be leveraged to create business value for the organizations with examples of its application in Microsoft’s cloud service management at planet scale. In addition, you will also get a bird’s-eye view of AIOps product market.

Lecture Notes

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