EE392m: Fault Diagnostics Systems

Stanford University, Spring Quarter 2008-2009, Professor Dimitry Gorinevsky



  1. March 31, Introduction into Fault Diagnostics Systems, Dimitry Gorinevsky
  2. April 7, Integrated Fault Diagnostics of Networks and IT Systems, Yuri Rabover, VMTurbo
  3. April 14, Identification of Spatial Fault Patterns in Semiconductor Wafers, Eugene Tuv, Intel Corp
  4. April 21, Managing Large Scale Diagnostics Models for Aircraft Maintenance Support, Tim Felke, Honeywell
  5. April 28, Tracking Filters for Estimation of Jet Engine Deterioration, Shreeder Adibhatla, GE Infrastructure
  6. May 5, Fault Management in Flight System of Manned Spacecraft, Carlos Garcia-Galan, NASA JSC
  7. May 12, Prognostics Monitoring in Data Centers, Alexey Urmanov, Sun Microsystems
  8. May 19, Fault Management in Aircraft Flight Control Systems, Dave Bodden, Lockheed Martin
  9. May 26, Automotive Engine Diagnostics, Ilya Kolmanovsky, Ford Motor Co