Lecture: April 21, 2015


Keeping California Power System Stable with over 33% Renewables

Shucheng Liu, CAISO


Dr. Shucheng Liu is Principal, Market Development in Market Quality and Renewable Integration Division at the California Independent System Operator (CAISO). In his current position he leads analyses for the CAISO renewable integration initiatives. He also helps development and implementation of policies and products for the CAISO wholesale electricity markets and analysis of performance of the markets. He was instrumental in the design of ancillary service scarcity pricing mechanism and Pay for Performance Regulation product and the design and implementation of credit policies for the CAISO Congestion Revenue Rights and Convergence Bidding products. Currently he is leading the CAISO renewable integration study for the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Long Term Procurement Plan (LTPP) proceeding. The study focuses on the system resource flexibilities needed to integrate beyond 33% renewable energy in California. Prior to joining the CAISO, Dr. Liu held various positions with BMC Consulting, Henwood Energy Services, Navigant Consulting, and Global Energy Decisions consulting for the electric power industry. Dr. Liu received his B.S. in Nuclear Engineering and M.S. in Management Science from Tsinghua University of China, M.S. and Ph.D. in Engineering Economic Systems and Operations Research from Stanford University.


California will serve more than one-third of its electricity consumption by generation from clean renewable resources by 2020. It will greatly reduce greenhouse gas emission. It will also pose challenges to the California’s power system due to the intermittency and other specific characteristics of the renewable generation. The California Independent System Operator (ISO) conducted studies to assess the impacts of high share of renewable generation on the power system and determine what are needed, including the characteristics of the non-renewable resource fleet and regional coordination, in order to successfully integrate the renewable generation into the California power system. This lecture will discuss the challenges and the studies the California ISO conducted.

Lecture Notes

Presentation on Power System Stability with over 33% Renewables by Shucheng Liu (pdf)