EE414 -  Design of RF Integrated Circuits for Communications Systems

Professor Tom Lee

Department of Electrical Engineering

Spring 2000/2001

MW 12:50 - 2:05 pm

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Course Description

This course covers the design, construction, analysis and experimental evaluation of radio-frequency circuits at the transistor level, with a focus on microstrip implementations in low GHz range. Throughout, there is an exceptionally strong emphasis on reconciliation of theory with experiment. Students will design, construct, and experimentally characterize every block in a 1-GHz transceiver, including antennas, low noise amplifiers and modulator/demodulators, roughly at the rate of one significant block per week. Performance will be evaluated using equipment such as noise figure meter, phase noise analyzers, spectrum analyzers, vector network analyzers, and time-domain reflectometers. The course culminates in groups of students successfully demonstrating two-way wireless communications with their hardware. Prerequisites: 314, 344.


Professor Tom Lee tomlee@ee
Office hours: generally the hour after class, or by appointment
CIS-205 (725-3709)

Teaching Assistant

Moon Jung Kim ta414@smirc
Office hours: any time at CIS, or by appointment
CIS-063 (725-4538)

Course Administrative Assistant

Ann Guerra guerra@par
CIS-207 (725-3725)

Lab location

Packard 002 (725-1769)