Lecture Notes

My handwritten lecture notes are available below.

Lecture 1: Course Introduction, Characteristics of RF
Lecture 2: Selective Excitation, Small-Tip-Angle Solution, and Excitation k-Space
Lecture 3: Excitation k-space examples in 1D, and the duality of excitation and reception.
Lecture 4: 2D spiral excitation pulse design
Lecture 5: 2D spiral excitation pulse design: practical issues
Lecture 6: EPI spatial pulses
Lecture 7: Spectral-spatial pulses
Lecture 8: Rotations and the Spin Domain
Lecture 9: Forward and Inverse SLR Transform
Lecture 10: Designing RF pulses with the inverse SLR transform
Lecture 11: Design relations for the spin domain polynomials
Designing Spin Echoes Slides
Simultaneous Multislice notes
Lecture 12: Adiabatic inversion pulses
Lecture 13: Adiabatic rotations
Lecture 14: Parallel transmit
Lecture 15: Applications of parallel transmit
Lecture 16: Short-T2 imaging
Additional Topics: This is a collection of topics we didn't get to this year, including large flip angle 2D pulses, spectral-spatial refocusing pulses, UTE excitation pulses and short T2 contrast generation, and pulse pairs and self refocusing pulses.