Winter Quarter 2011 Course Announcement

Perspectives in Assistive Technology

David L. Jaffe, MS and Professor Drew Nelson
Tuesdays & Thursdays   4:15pm - 5:30pm
Main Quad, Building 370, Classroom 370


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Thursday, January 20th

photo of Angelo Szychowski photo of Matt Cooper

photo of Fiona Hinze photo of Nicole Torcolini

Perspectives of Stanford Students with a Disability
Angelo Szychowski, Matt Cooper, Fiona Hinze, and Nicole B. Torcolini

Abstract: In this panel discussion, four Stanford students with disabilities will discuss their academic goals, the assistive technology they use to be successful students, and challenges they have faced.

Nicole Torcolini's Biosketch:

Nicole Torcolini is a junior at Stanford University majoring in Computer Science with a focus in Human Computer Interaction. She lost most of her sight about four months after her fourth birthday due to cancer in the optic chiasm, and the cancer treatment also caused her to be slightly hard-of-hearing in both ears and have other permanent medical conditions.

Nicole uses several different assistive technologies for the blind, most of which are electronic computer based, both during her leisure time and for her school work. Nicole has worked on designing assistive software both on her own and during internships. The Nemetex Nemeth Back-Translator™, which translates Braille math (Nemeth) that is produced on an electronic Braille notetaker from an initially visually uncomprehensible state into print, is now available on the market.

Nicole has also participated in other assistive technology projects that were not software-based, including helping the Astronomy Department at the University of Washington develop a hands-on astronomy curriculum for the blind.

Contact information:
Nicole Torcolini - elecator -at-
Lecture Material:
Pre-lecture slides - 640 Kb pdf file
Angelo's Slides - 292 Kb pdf file
Nicole's Slide - 73.8 Kb pdf file
Audio - 1:16:51 - 17.5 Mb mp3 file
Humanware's BrailleNote
The $20 Knee - The 50 Best Inventions of 2009
Permobil wheelchairs
Apex Viking patient transfer lift
Dragon NaturallySpeaking

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