Winter Quarter 2018

Perspectives in Assistive Technology


David L. Jaffe, MS
Thornton Center Classroom 110
Tuesdays & Thursdays from 4:30pm to 5:50pm

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Good Words

Comments accompanying students' emails when submitting their Final Reports or Individual Reflections

Thank you so much for such an amazing quarter. I had a great time in your class and was able to learn so much.

Thanks for a great quarter. I learned a lot, and I really enjoyed the course!

Thanks for all your effort[s] in creating a really exceptional class that I will recommend to others. I have attached my individual reflection and will certainly be in touch in the future.

Thanks for a wonderful quarter.

Thanks again for offering this class. I really enjoyed it.

Thanks for a great class.

Thanks again for a great quarter.

I would like to thank you for a wonderful quarter. I learned a lot from this class.

Thank you for a great quarter! (2)

Thanks for all your time and effort helping each of us and also for teaching this class!

Thank you for everything!

Thank you again for all of your help this quarter.

Thank you also for a wonderful quarter. This class has given me a new perspective on things and I am excited to recommend it to my friends.

Thanks for a great quarter!

Comment from a community member at Final Presentation

Great course! I was very impressed by the progress that the stduents made.

Comments from students on the Course Evaluation Form

Really appreciated the opportunity to take this class!

Would definitely recommend this course to friends!

Thank you Dave for such a great course!

Thank you for organizing great lecturers, making the attendance and field trips easy. and for the flexibility of enrollment options.

Awesome course!

Great class. Thanks Dave!

Definitely enjoyed the class! Speakers were interesting, field trips were fun, and projects made it all worthwhile. Definitely would recommend others take the course. The class was wonderful, thank you!

The class was wonderful, thank you!

Comments from community members on the Course Evaluation Form

Enjoy taking [this course] every Winter Quarter. One of the best classes at Stanford.

Definitely a very valuable class for juniors, seniors, and graduate students especially. Even for sophomores and freshmen students. It's never too soon to get building something or just plan for future projects.

Comment from a community member by email

Thank you for the wonderful class you teach, ENGR110 Perspectives in Assistive Technology, at Stanford. And thank you, especially, for the opportunity and the privilege of attending your class.

You teach a beautiful class to wonderfully amazing students, while engaging and empowering people with disabilities; and involving an array of talented, dedicated and accomplished guest speakers who, in addition to providing their perspectives in class, would be valuable mentors to the students for the present and in the future.

I appreciate your class because your class gave me answers to a question I've been seeking an answer to, for many years. The question, fundamentally, is this, what is our society doing to enable the weakest members of our society, such as people with disabilities and the elderly?

Your class, thankfully, addresses this difficult and challenging issue regarding people with disabilities, including the elderly, within our society, by applying the knowledge and technology available to us in this incredible technology sphere that is Silicon Valley. Your class provides highly motivated and capable students with the opportunity to build solutions to real-world problems and needs of people with disabilities and the elderly. It is a quixotic task that provides returns and possibilities for the students, beyond their usual academic exercises. It enables them, to bring to bear their physical, intellectual and emotional faculties, and propels them forward towards dealing with the real work world, that lay beyond the confines of their world-renowned university.

Regarding the content of the class itself, first, from my perspective, you've delivered on the promises you made on the first day of class. You've provided the students with a wonderful opportunity to gain confidence in their ability to solve interesting and challenging real-world problems that affect real people in need. The class, I believe, affect a great many facets of the students's ever growing minds, bodies, and spirits, by using their learned knowledge and skills at university to truly affect a person, and people in need. And, I am convinced, this opportunity, which makes your class special, makes them feel good about themselves.

Second, you've brought people with disabilities into the classroom and empowered them. Now, when I encounter a person with disability, I see the person first. I believe this effect is unanimous among all attendees of your class.

Third, as a member of the community attending your class, I became aware of the the knowledge and resources that exist to help the elder and less able members of our society. I felt exhilarated and overwhelmed by the volume and depth of the information and resources your class provided. I was especially appreciative of the presentations by Peter Axelson, Teri Adams, Jules Sherman, and Sha Yao. Although, I would be quick to add that, every presentation was truly valuable and enriching.

Fourth, I can truly say that it's been an incredibly enjoyable class. I hope the students realize, sooner or later, that they've a wonderful mentor in you and in all the other potential mentors who've taken the time to present their perspectives in assistive technology, in your class.

Finally, it's a very giving and sharing class. I certainly learned from the knowledge and enthusiasm of the students. And I learned from the presenters, both the able and those with disabilities. And I certainly recognize and appreciate all the effort and detailed work that went into preparing and teaching and running the smooth operation of your class.

Thank you once again. And I wish you continued success. I end with a smile on my face and a heart lighter now, than at the beginning of the quarter, knowing that your class exists and persists. Thank you. ;^) !


Edwin Datu
Software Engineer
408/234-1594 cell

P.S. Thank you, too, for the warm welcome to Stanford and to your class. I felt right at home in your class. And the online videos and your class website were invaluable resources during the quarter and I'm certain will remain so for a very long time to come. Your class website will continue to remind me of the beautiful class you teach. I look forward to re-visiting and reviewing the events in class and the field trips of this Winter 2015 quarter for some time to come, through your online class notes and videos.

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