from play to innovation!

spring 2011
ENGR 280
2-4 units
T/R 1:15-3:05

Location: Studio 2

class info
Learn to enhance the innovation process with playfulness. We will investigate the human "state of play" to reach an understanding of its principle attributes and how important it is to creative thinking. We will explore play behavior, its development, and its biological basis. We will then apply those principles through design thinking to promote innovation in the corporate world.

The class will be project-based and team-centered. Students will work with real-world partners on design projects with widespread application.
DP3 announced!

Hat Making in Class, Stuart T talk on the brain, and DP2 announced!

DP1 presentations. Great job with making saving energy more playful and fun. More photos to come soon...

Frank Forencich from Exuberant Animal teaches Play Class how to move!

Stuart Brown explains the history of play.

Second day of play class. More photos of the playground exercise coming soon.

The first day of class! More photos from the airplane build and throw contest coming soon.