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Genetics 211: Genomics : Winter 2022


The goal of this course is to explore different genomic approaches and technologies, to learn how they work from a molecular biology view point, and to understand how they can be applied to understanding biological systems. In addition, we teach material on how the data generated from these approaches can be analyzed, from an algorithmic perspective. The papers that are discussed are a mixture of algorithmic papers, and technological papers. Note, the course previously had a strong programming component, with Python being the language that we taught. This Python component has been split into its own separate course, PATH/GENE218 (Computational Analysis of Biological Information: Intro to Python for Biologist), which will be taught by Andy Fire and Mike Cherry in the Spring Quarter.


Class Format

Each week faculty will provide a two hour lecture on a current topic within Genomics and a two hour discussion section exploring a significant paper.

Course Grade

The course is PASS/FAIL, based on participation in discussion sections, including four write-ups that must be submitted.

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Syllabus and discussion papers are available on Canvas

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