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GERGEN 183A: Divided Focus: The Image of America in German Cinema and Literature from East and West since WW II
Winter 2003

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The reunification of Germany brought a bizarre mix of America images suddenly into one focus: The home country of the American dream versus the far-away country that entered WW II quite late (from a Soviet and so to speak East German perspective); the country of brave cowboys and 007s versus the country of hate-loved spies; the far country that created the Vietnam war versus the close one of the largest Anti-War movement...
Dreams and traumas, love and hate - in an official, half-official, private and sub culture in East and West Germany, where for young people it all started with movies about Indians (each filmed in one and the same Yugoslavia)...

This is a 4-credit course. German language skills would not be required, but some basic knowledge of German History is helpful.

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Mon 3:15:00 PM - 5:05:00 PM | Tue 7:00:00 PM - 9:00:00 PM - Pigott Hall 08 | ART IV

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