Life cycle and Anatomy of Nanopheytus spp.




(A) adult

(B) partially embryonated egg

(C) miracidium within egg capsules

(D) free-swimming miracidium

(E) redia in snail

(F) free-swimming cercaria

                                                (G) metacercaria in fish


Abbreviations: B P = birth pore; C = cercaria; C W = cyst wall; Ej D = ejaculatory duct; Ex B = excretory bladder; F C = flame cell; G = gut; Gen Anl = genital primordium; G P genital pore; Int C = intestinal cecum; Mu Gl = mucus gland; Ov = ovary; Pen GI = penetration gland; Ph = muscular pharynx; St = stylet; S V = seminal vesicle; T = testis; Ut = uterus; Vt = vitelline gland.



*Adapted from Marquardt, Demaree, and Grieve.  Parasitology Vector Biology, 2nd Ed. 2000, p 292.