Human Biology/Microbiology & Immunology 103:

Parasites & Pestilence:

Infectious Public Health Challenges
WINTER 2006 | class #3242

Location: Bldg 200, Room 303
Time: Wednesday 2:15-5:05pm


Parasites & Pestilence is a course on parasitic and other pestilences with public health impact. Pathogenesis, clinical syndromes, complex life cycles, and the interplay between environment, vectors, hosts, and reservoirs are addressed in an historical context to better understand public health policy approaches to halting disease transmission.


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   D. Scott Smith, M.D., M.Sc., DTM&H
   Adj. Assistant Professor


   Office #: 650-299-2742


David Berg

Natalie Ramos Maddie Moule Mike Howitt