Stanford University
HUMBIO 107: Astrobiology and Space Exploration
Winter 2006

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Astrobiology asks:
Where do we come from?
Are we alone?
Where are we going?

This course gives an overview of the excitement of astrobiology and space exploration, from the origin of our own biofriendly universe to questions of the future of mankind both on Earth and beyond.  The instructor, Dr. Lynn Rothschild of NASA, will host a series of leaders in the field from NASA, UC Santa Cruz, the SETI Institute, the U.S. Astronaut Corps and, of course, Stanford.  

The class will be primarily lecture and discussion, but students will contribute current astrobiology events.

A background in two or more science courses and a curious mind are essential.

Meeting Time & Place
3:15-5:30 Tuesday and Thursday - Building 160, Room 332

Instructors Office Hours & Location
Lynn Rothschild Tuesday, 1-3 pm. Building 80, room 110.

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