If you are interested in further exploring the topic of leishmaniasis, the following list contains helpful websites and contacts to direct your questions:

CDC Division of Parasitic Diseases Leishmaniasis Information Page:



WHO Website on Leishmaniasis:



Department of Defense DHCC Leishmaniasis Home Page:



Glenn Wortmann, MD

Lt. Colonel, Medical Corps, USA

Acting Chief of Infectious Disease

Walter Reed Army Medical Center

6900 Georgia Ave., NW,

Walter Reed Army Medical Center

Washington, DC 20307-5001

Phone: 202-782-1663

E-mail: glenn.wortmann@na.amedd.army.mil


Peter J. Weina, PhD, MD

Colonel, Medical Corps, USA

Director, Leishmania Diagnostics Laboratory

Division of Experimental Therapeutics

Walter Reed Army Institute of Research

503 Robert Grant Avenue

Silver Spring, Maryland 20910

Phone: 301-319-9956

FAX: 301-319-7360

E-mail: peter.weina@na.amedd.army.mil


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