Morgellons: Fact or Fiction?

Danielle Schoffman and Lauren Smith


Real, or Imagined?

Imagine waking up one morning, feeling itchy all over your body. Over time, you develop open sores that just don’t seem to heal. Things gradually get worse. When you look closely at the surface of your skin, you’re certain that you can see translucent, nearly microscopic fibers emerging from under your skin: black, blue, sometimes red in color, the fibers or strange granules appear to be inside you. Sometimes it feels as if bugs are crawling around your skin, and you’re exhausted all the time. You visit doctor after doctor, and none of them seem to seriously consider that you are infected. The real nightmare is that everyone who could help you is dismissive: they think that you are crazy. You begin to wish that you were.

Thousands of Americans suffer from what is popularly called “Morgellons”, a bizarre condition with a constellation of symptoms including skin lesions, the appearance of foreign fibers or granules under the skin, and fatigue characterized by difficulties with attention. The dermatologists and psychiatrists that see patients who self-identify as suffering from Morgellons are often diagnosed with delusional parasitosis.

Is Morgellons an emerging parasitic disease? The debate surrounding Morgellons is considerable and there little information about the pathology of those who suffer from Morgellons symptoms is uncontested. In this neutral website, we will present a historical background of the phenomena, investigate the latest information from both sides of the debate, and offer our own analysis about the future of Morgellons. As students in Dr. D. Scott Smith’s Parasites and Pestilence class at Stanford University, the authors Danielle Schoffman and Lauren Smith hope that this website will contribute to the growing network of ParaSites and will serve as a portal for accurate and unbiased information for anyone doing their own research into Morgellons and parasitology.

CNN Video feature on Morgellons, 4:45 minutes including interview with Dr. Randy Wymore:

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