Online Resources: Image Collections

  1. The Ovid Project
    By Hope Greenberg, University of Vermont. This site presents engravings from 1640 and 1703 editions of the Metamorphoses.

  2. Picture Gallery
    Noble and Greenough School. This page depicts Delacroix's 'Ovid in Exile.' It also points to a menu of links on Ovid and one on Catullus.

  3. Greek and Latin Texts
    Facsimiles of frontespieces, bindings, and initials from Aldus Manutius' editions of classical authors.

  4. The Kelsey Online
    The Kelsey Museum of Archaeology, University of Michigan.

  5. Corbis
    A large, retail broker of digital images. Many classical artifacts and archaeological sites appear here.

  6. Images of Orality and Literacy in Greece
    By Andrew Wiesner, University of Pennsylvania. Depictions of ancient "technologies of the word." Most of this site's material derives from vase paintings. Many scrolls, lyres, and muses, with brief commentary on most images.

  7. Elsie Russell: Paintings and Drawings
    Many classically inspired images by this contemporary artist.

  8. Bellum Catilinae: Images of Sights around the Greco-Roman World
    Anonymous. Although this site suffers from many expired links, those that still track are often useful. Many high-resolution photos, arranged geographically, with special consideration given to the provinces, Asia (Troy), as well as the Mediterranea n.

  9. Ambrosiana Archive
    University of Notre Dame. This is a searchable database of electronic images. Many of Ovidiana.

  10. The Ambrose Collection
    By Z. Philip Ambrose, University of Vermont. A collection of slides on the Metamorphoses.