First-Year Modern Japanese

JA-001(Fall Quarter) | JA-002(Winter Quarter) | JA-003(Spring Quarter)

Class Schedule

Monday through Friday
Five units per quarter to fulfill the language requirement



Kazuko Morooka Busbin & staff
Bldg. 50-Rm. 52A
tel.(650)723-4846, e-mail: kmbusbin @leland



Provide students with a solid foundation in grammar, conversation, reading, and basic composition.
Students who would like to be able to read the written documents such as newspapers, magazines, literatures,
and academic papers particularly benefit from this course as the beginning of their Japanese study.


Class Format

  1. Grammar explanations are approached progressively to lead students eventually from spoken Japanese
    to written Japanese.
  2. Interactive drilling session to utilize the patterns and vocabulary in relevant settings.
  3. Conversation session to discuss and express ideas regarding the respective dialogues.
  4. Pattern practice and exercises to review materials in written forms, such as composition and translation.
  5. Four-paragraph stories relevant to respective lesson are assigned to enhance the reading skill followed
    by discussing the content.

Listening Exercises

Text Books

  1. Course Reader compiled by the instructor as a main textbook
  2. Beginning Japanese Part I & II by Eleanor H. Jorden as a grammar-drilling-reference book

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