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STANFORD UNIVERSITY                    Spring 2006-2007
EFSLANG695A PRONUNCIATION    Instructor: Carole Mawson
Office: 260-312Q  ph 723-0608           E-mail:  cmawson@stanford    
MWF 1:15-2:05  200-217                     http://www.stanford.edu/class/lingfs695a
MWF 2:15-3:05  200-217


 Course Syllabus  

Course Description:

This class is designed to help students whose native language is not English to speak clearly and effectively as graduate students in academic settings. During the class students will:
Be analyzed to identify individual speech characteristics and create a detailed profile of problem    areas.
Learn and practice correct articulation, rhythm and intonation.
Practice correct speech patterns on individual tapes or sound files to be done every two weeks.
Spend at least three (3) hours each week in the language laboratory and/or at home practicing pronunciation.
Meet with the instructor every  other week  for personalized instruction.
Learn to self-monitor and self-correct for problem areas.

Course Requirements: In order to receive a passing grade of "S" a student must:
- Attend at least 90% of the required classes.
- Meet the objectives listed above.

- CD or file uploaded on Coursework
- Clear Speech (with CD), Judy Gilbert, 2005 
- Small Talk, Carolyn Graham, 1986

Lab Resources:
- Audiotapes:                          Small Talk             ZCS ENG 19
    The Sound and Style of American English   ZCS ENG 39
                          Improving Spoken English         ZCS ENG 48
- Videotapes: Breaking the Accent Barrier         ZVC 9029
                       Perfect English Pronunciation        ZVC 9032
- Computer Programs:  Accent Coach                ZMS 688
                                    Better Accent Tutor            ZMS 643
                                    Pronunciation Power         ZMS 667 

-Web site resources: http://iteslj.org/links/ESL/Pronunciation     

 *Any student who needs special help getting to class, hearing in class, seeing written material, or doing some other tasks should discuss the need with the instructor the first week of class.  The student must obtain professional diagnosis of the need area at the university's Disability Resource Center.