Seminar: Representations of Meaning

Brief description

Representations of meaning from psychological, linguistic, and computational viewpoints. Topics include lambda calculus, probabilistic programming, and vector spaces. Special emphasis on the challenges of semantic composition. May be repeated for credit. 3 units.


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Attendence and participation (40%)

We would like everyone to ask questions, offer ideas, and argue the merits of different psoitions. This will happen both in class and by posting on the course Piazza discussion board. Both forms of partcipation, as well as class attendence, will be considered for grading.

Final project (60%)

Final projects are to be pursued in teams of 1-3 students. The goal is to carry out an original behavioral experiment or computational simulation (or both) relevant to the representation of meaning in natural language. Reports should be in the form of a 5-6 page CogSci format paper. Final projects must be sent, in PDF, to the course address by 10:00 pm on Tuesday, June 11.

Academic honesty

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Students with documented disabilities

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