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The Math 53 textbook has been specially created by the Stanford Math department in consultation with colleagues in many other departments; it is electronic-only and free for anyone with an SUNetID.

In this second year using the new book, we will regularly update the textbook link to fix typos. (We have done a lot of proofreading, but inevitably some typos will have slipped through.) Please plan to download the book at least every Thursday and don't print more than you'd need for a few days at a time (it's also fine to never print any of it). Please click on this link to download the book using any valid SUNet ID.

There are some appendices consisting of optional material of a more technical or narrowly focused nature (e.g., proofs of some results in the main text, or Laplace transforms with many examples) that we have separated off into a separate Supplementary Appendices document that you can download if you wish. Very brief descriptions of the content of these extra appendices are given at the end of the course book. None of this supplementary appendix material is relevant to exams or homework.

The book contains much more than is covered in the course. It also includes many fully worked examples, helpful for studying (akin to "odd-numbered exercises with solutions in the back"). We hope it will be a useful resource for topics that you encounter in later coursework. We would appreciate any feedback; please send via the "@lists" address found in the Introduction.

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