Mktg 552

building innovative brands

with jennifer aaker + chris flink

david bordow + natalie kim + saul carlin

Spring 2014

MWF, May 5-16
GSB co-lab

Past Projects

2012: Social Brands


Milk & Honey (2012) Ashish Goel, Ashley Lewis, Fryderyk Ovcaric, Rob Poulsen


Black Box Wines (2012) Kris Cheng, Sandy Huang, Dara Kosberg, Norie Pride, Monica Vu


reBloom (2012) Dan Arbeiter, Valerie Chua, Woody Hartman, Tomoko Hosaka


Amour Vert (2012) Glenwood Barbee, Flavia Deutsch, Lukas Friedemann, Yael Malek


Foundry Final Project 2012


Specialized Final Project 2012


2011: BEST

These team projects from BEST 2011 were among the strongest. Review them for reference, while noting that last year's projects were significantly different from this year's. This year, we emphasize creating tangible brand experiences, in comparison to last year, when we mainly focused on online social media.

100K Cheeks (MichaelBrandt, Riah Forbes, Sara Lannin, Elizabeth Lin, Kevin Shin, Vineet Singal)

Color (Zachary Goldstein, Steve Francis Loughlin, Matt Sencenbaugh, Stephen Wong, Alek Zarak)

Xbox (Vandana Jain, Andres Perez-Borges, Kalen Thornton, Rosa Villegas, Max Zuckerman)

Zipcar (Andrea di Natale, George Papachristos, Iberia Zafira, James Tinsley, Stefan Kratz)