Mktg 552

building innovative brands

with jennifer aaker + chris flink

david bordow + natalie kim + saul carlin

Spring 2014

MWF, May 5-16
GSB co-lab

Social Brands Refresher

Refresher (PDF)


Brand Audit Assignments

note: logistics and due dates are currently being updated in the docs below.
The correct deadline for the brand audit is before class on April 24.

1. Voice Guidelines (PDF)
Every brand has a voice. Here's an exercise in developing one for your brand
Autodesk example
A few examples from 2011

2. Experience Map (PDF)
How to map your brands user experience and make a plan for interventions
Autodesk example
A few examples from 2011

3. Image-Identity Gap (PDF)
Developing an understanding of who your brand is in the world
Autodesk example
A few examples from 2011

4. Single Focused Goal (PDF)
The impact you want to create and how to measure it
Autodesk example

Brand Audit Assignment Tips

Dimensions of Brand Personality (PDF)
To better understand brand personality and how to measure it.

Carriers of Culture (PDF)
To better understand brand personality and how to measure it.

Fieldwork One Page Guide (PDF)
When it comes to your individual and group project, in the field research (aka ethnography) will be a key complement to your broader survey analysis. We've put together some techniques you'll want to keep in your back pocket.

Scenography Guide - Dana Cho, IDEO (PDF)
Scenography, Scene Template, and Experience Blueprint.


6 Brand Tips (PDF)
What is a brand? Why does it matter?

Visual Design Tips (PDF)
Visual Design + Keynote Wizardry

Quick and Dirty Font Guide (ZIP)
Quick and dirty font guide and font files

Personal Branding Tips (PDF)
How to cultivate a personal brand online

Happiness Tips (PDF)
What we know about happiness, some food for thought.

Video 101 (LINK)
Covers the basics of shooting and editing videos you can be proud of!

Other Handouts

Halftime Shows (PDF)
Each team will lead one. 15 minutes of brand goodness. A burst of energy midway through our Tuesdays together. We've put together some tips and rules of the road.

Experience Map Worksheet (PDF)
Training grounds for Day 3's secret mission, posted for your reference.

Secret Mission Worksheet (PDF)
A few common methods for capturing observations and conducting interviews

Data Mining & Metrics (PDF)
Help us help you define your brand goals.

Stanford University Social Media Measurement (PDF)
How does the Farm nurture its social media presence? A case study from Ian Hsu, Director of Internet Media Outreach.

Rough Cuts (PDF)
Alright teams, show us what you've got. With all of the great insights you've been gleaning about your brands, now's your turn to start working out the story you want to tell. Due before class on Tuesday, May 10.

Let's Get Buildy (PDF)
Day 4 - final project ideas

Storytellers Tips and Tricks (PDF)
Day 4 - final project ideas

Foamcore Tips (PDF)
Instructions on working with foamcore for projects


Other Resources

Social Brand Adviser Warm Leads (PDF)

BIB - Building Innovation Brands Course Refresher 2009 (PDF)
Which brands do you love? Apple? IDEO? Google? What draws you into these brands? How do companies create compelling brand experiences? How could you cultivate a well-loved brand?

PoST - The Power of Social Technology Course Refresher 2010 (PDF)
The goal of the class is simple: to marshal social technology in support of a clear social objective.

Google Visual Assets branding guide (1) (2)

Summary from 2011

BEST Toolkit 2011 (PDF)
What's, Why's, and How's for Brand, Experience, and Social Technology. Some of the most important nuggets from our time together.

Experience Map Worksheet (PDF)
Training grounds for Day 3's secret mission, posted for your reference.

BEST Refresher (PDF)
A one page reminder of key questions, tips, and guides for BEST.

BESTAID Academic Insights: Designed (PDF)
Summaries of a few of our BEST academic insights.

BEST Brand Marketing Primer (PDF)
A marketing primer, guided by brand considerations.

Final Assignment Instructions (PDF)
A few details for your final assignment