Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and Healthcare Ventures

PSYC180 | MED180 - Spring 2023

There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come
             -Victor Hugo

Course Information

  • Location: Building 420 - Main Quad, Room 041
  • Zoom: Available in Canvas
  • Time: Tuesdays 11:30am - 1:20pm
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  • Office Hours : Tuesdays 1:30-2:30pm Gates Building Rm 300
  • Auditing: If you are interested in auditing the class, please fill out this form by April 7, 2023. You are welcome to join the class sessions in person.
  • Description:

    The face of healthcare is changing - innovative technologies, based on recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI), are radically altering how care is delivered. Startups are offering entirely new ways to diagnose, manage, treat, and operate. However, few ever reach the patient - those with much more than an idea and an algorithm; they have an intimate understanding of the healthcare landscape and the technical know-how to integrate AI solutions into the medical system successfully.

    In this course, we tackle the central question: How can young students find feasible and impactful medical problems, and build, scale, and translate technology solutions into the clinic? Together, we will discover the transformative technologies of tomorrow that we can build today.

    We encourage students of all academic backgrounds to enroll; the only prerequisite is a strong passion for technology in healthcare. Course may be taken for one unit (lecture only, 11:30AM-12:30PM); or two units, which entails attending discussion section in a Lean LaunchPad-style training program (12:30PM-1:20PM) and completing a project. The second half of each session, we will have a flipped classroom and will do experiential and team-based learning. It will involve discussions about team building, AI/Healthcare business ideas, and idea presentations.

    Grading criteria for 1-credit students will be based on attendance and weekly reports regarding the summary of each week's lectures (assignments). In addition to these criteria, 2-credit students will submit a business idea report and will deliver a pitch presentation in the last session in front of an invited panel.

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    Syllabus and Schedule

    Week Date/Session Guest Lecturer
    All sessions are moderated by the course instructor
    Topics Materials and Assignments
    Week 1 April 4, 2023

    Ehsan Adeli
    Course Instructor
    • Introduction [20 min]
    • Couse Overview [10 min]: Goals, logistics, and the project
    • U.S. Healthcare System Overview [20 min]
    • Opportunity Evaluation (for course projects) [10 min]
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    Video (Available on Canvas)
    Stephen Su, Stanford CS/MCS Student
    Founded startups at the intersection of health policy and data
    A Digital Health Playbook
    An overview of various digital health companies, their business models, and what worked or didn’t work
    Slides (Available on Canvas) Video (Available on Canvas)
    Week 2 April 11, 2023

    Robert Chess
    Lecturer at Stanford Graduate School of Business
    The Healthcare Landscape
    Stakeholders and major players
    Submit Assignment Solutions (Week 2)

    Video (Available on Canvas)
    Ehsan Adeli
    Course Instructor
    Team building
    Project planning and preparing for lean lunchpad training
    Slides (Available on Canvas) Video (Available on Canvas)
    Week 3 April 18, 2023

    David Entwistle
    President and CEO of Stanford Healthcare (SHC)
    The Healthcare Landscape
    Current tools and techniques

    How SHC is utilizing AI.
    Submit Assignment Solutions (Week 3)

    Video (Available on Canvas)

    Pre-read Material:
    1) How Foundation Models Can Advance AI in Healthcare, Dec 15, 2022
    2) The Shaky Foundations of Foundation Models in Healthcare, Feb 27, 2023
    Edwin Pan
    Course Assistant
    Search versus Execution - Design Thinking
    Search for a business model in the healthcare climate
    Slides (Available on Canvas) Video (Available on Canvas)
    Week 4 April 25, 2023

    Kevin Schulman
    Professor of Medicine, Associate Chair of Business Development and Strategy in the Department of Medicine
    Director of Industry Partnerships and Education for the Clinical Excellence Research Center (CERC)
    Professor of (by courtesy) Operations, Information and Technology at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business
    Healthcare Landscape, current tools, techniques, and pitfalls
    Economics of healthcare
    Submit Assignment Solutions (Week 4)

    Pre-read Material:
    1) An Intergenerational Evaluation of Medicare
    2) Employer-Based Health Insurance and Employee Compensation

    Slides (Available on Canvas)
    Marcella Garcia
    Senior Software Quality Engineer at MEDIcept Inc.
    Former Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance Neurostimulation and Active Implantables (2022-2023 @ Nia Therapeutics); Medical Device (2018-2023 @MGRAQA)
    Former Director of Quality and Compliance Predictive Analytics Population Health (2021-2022 @ Health Data Analytics Institute); Digital Therapeutics (2019-2021 @ Happify Health)
    Healthcare Tech Landscape from a regulatory point of view:
    A discussion around Medical Devices, Software as a medical device (SaMD), FDA, Quality, etc.
    Pre-read Material:
    1) NIST AI RMF 1.0
    2) FDA GMLP
    3) FDA Marketing Submission Recommendations for a Predetermined Change Control Plan for Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML)-Enabled Device Software Functions

    Slides (Available on Canvas)
    Week 5 May 2, 2023

    Jordan Jacobs
    Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Radical Ventures
    Co-Founder & Founding Board of Directors at Vector Institute
    Board Of Directors at CIFAR (the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research)
    Technologies on the Horizon
    Upcoming companies, problem areas, and policy breaks
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    Pre-read Material and Slides (Available on Canvas)
    Ehsan Adeli
    Course Instructor
    Customer Discovery and Validation
    Turning hypotheses to facts
    Week 6 May 9, 2023

    Gopi Prashanth
    Founder, Spyn Inc
    Director Of Technology, Artificial Intelligence Systems, at Amazon
    Director Of Technology, Computer Vision & Artificial Intelligence at Amazon Go
    Case Study:
    Building to Solve the Problem at Scale

    Building to scale is what most entrepreneurial startups do. There is another kind of innovation, which is building to solve the problem which is already at scale. Gopi can speak to both ends of this spectrum and the similarities and differences in entrepreneurial mindset that is required to solve the myriad of challenges throughout the journey.
    Submit Assignment Solutions (Week 6)

    Slides (Available on Canvas)
    Radoslaw (Radek) Chrapkiewicz
    Director of Engineering, Stanford Department of Biology
    Team building and leadership practices in healthcare and medicine Slides (Available on Canvas)
    Week 7 May 16, 2023

    Vivien Ho
    Partner at Pear VC, with a focuse on health
    Founder of the Pear Female Founders Circle (supporting female technical founders)
    Healthcare Innovation
    Practical considerations and common pitfalls
    Preparing and pitching ideas, as well as selling into traditional health systems and different GTM dynamics and benefits

    Lecture Title:
    Building a Healthcare x AI Startup Pitch
    Submit Assignment Solutions (Week 7)

    Pre-read material: Podcast (Substack about Vivek Garg, CMO of Humana and his tips on startups selling into health plans)

    Slides (Available on Canvas)
    Ehsan Adeli
    Course Instructor
    Projects Presentations - Session 1 Shared Slide Deck (private)
    Week 8 May 23, 2023

    Kimberley Powell
    Vice President and General Manager, Healthcare at NVIDIA
    Case Study:
    Healthcare Innovation, Integrating and scaling technologies within large healthcare systems

    Lecture Title:
    Shaping the Future of Medicine: The Revolutionary Impact of AI on Medical Imaging, Surgery, and Pharmaceutical Discovery
    Submit Assignment Solutions (Week 8)

    Pre-read material:
    Medical Imaging
    Ehsan Adeli
    Course Instructor
    Projects Presentations - Session 2 Shared Slide Deck (private)
    Week 9 May 30, 2023

    Jonathan Berent
    CEO of NextSense Inc, Life-Hacker, Director @ X, Moonshot Factory
    Case study
    Unlocking brain health with real-world data insights and practical, scientific wisdom for daily living
    Submit Assignment Solutions (Week 9)

    Leo Grady
    Founder and CEO of new AI healthcare company (stealth)
    CEO in Residence at Breyer Capital
    Former CEO of Paige (2019-2021) and Senior Vice President of Engineering at HeartFlow Inc (2012-2019)
    Case Study:
    leading development and commercialization of advanced machine learning, AI, computer vision, diagnostic and digital health technologies that have made a significant impact on healthcare practice
    Week 10 June 6, 2023

    Students and
    Ehsan Adeli, Course Instructor
    Pitch Project Presentaions

    • [In Person] Vivien Ho, Partner at Pear VC (Investing in health: human, planet and financial health)
    • [In Person] Jay Rughani, Partner at Andreessen Horowitz (Bio + Health investing team)
    • [Virtual] Sanjana Basu, Investor at Radical Ventures and Board Observer for PocketHealth.
    • [Virtual] Daniel Mulet, Investor at Radical and Board Observer for Aspect Biosystems.

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