The Effect of Instant Messaging on the Social Lives of Students Within a College Dorm

By Juan Marquez, jmarquez @

Nationwide, more and more students are becoming dependant on instant messaging as a primary form of communication. At Stanford, almost 90% of the students now use IM on a weekly basis. However, very little research has been done on the consequences that IM has on the socialization of college students. Most prior research has focused solely on the effects of general online interaction. In this paper, I will look at both the early and later research that has been done on online interaction and investigate how this general research relates to the specific ways that Instant Messaging affects the social lives of college students.

Prior Research
>> Early Research / Later Research
Specific Roles of IM Use
>> Immediate Interaction / Multitasking
>> Topics Discussed Online | Graph

>> Conclusion
>> References


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