Bioe225/Rad225: Transcranial Ultrasound Neuromodulation

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Lectures recorded for asynchronous viewing
In-person discussion and hands-on demos, regulations permitting

General Course Description

Goals of the course

  • to learn the fundamentals of ultrasound physics, as needed for ultrasound neuromodulation

  • to learn the fundamentals of ultrasound neuromodulation physiology

Changes from Prior Years

  • We won't be covering ultrasound imaging. This means that we won't be covering the receive side of ultrasound. All the transmit concepts that we cover are the same as for diagnostic imaging, so those concepts carry over to diagnostic imaging if that is of interest to you.

Time and Location

  • Recordings of the lectures will be available for asynchronous viewing.

  • If Covid permits, we will meet in person on Mondays for group discussions of the prior week's lectures. We will meet on Wednesdays for a hands-on demo/lab, followed by TA office hours. In person meetings will take place at the Lucas Center.

  • If Covid does not permit us to meet in person, Mondays will be group discussions of the prior week's lectures by Zoom. We'll have to forgo the hands-on part, but we can make videos and incorporate them into our lectures.

Course Overview

  • Lectures will be posted by the dates indicated in the outline. Each week, students will learn the material in the two posted lectures, submit 3 questions on Canvas by Sunday at 6 pm, and come to the Monday discussion sessions prepared to discuss the prior week's lectures. Guest speakers will be invited to come to these discussion sessions.

  • Each Wednesday will be a hands-on demo followed by office hours. If Covid does not permit, then it will just be office hours.

  • Homeworks will cover mostly physics material. Homeworks will be due on Fridays. Ananya will have TA sessions on Wednesdays and Thursdays. The physics homeworks will extend throughout the quarter, even as the lecture material will move to biological effects of ultrasound on the brain. In the last few weeks, homeworks will give way to a project to be presented to the class at the end of the quarter. Students will have a choice of projects.


  • Students are required to submit questions on the lectures, be present for the discussion sessions with cameras on, turn in the homeworks, and do the project. Grading will be based on these.

First Week

  • On the first Monday, Kim will be available to answer questions about the class. On the first Wednesday, Anaya will provide an introduction to Matlab. The first discussion will take place on Monday of the second week and cover the two lectures from the first week.

  • On the first Wednesday, Ananya will provide an introduction to Matlab.


  • College level physics.

  • College level biology.

  • Some experience with Matlab or willingness to learn. Ananya will have an intro to Matlab session in the beginning of the quarter.

Course Materials

  • We will use Canvas. If you would like to audit the course and get access to the recordings, please email Kim.