Statistics 305a: Applied Statistics (Linear Models and More)

John Duchi, Stanford University, Fall 2021


  • Etude 2 is posted in etudes

  • Homework 2 is posted in exercises

  • We have posted a few additional references in the reading section of the Course Information page

  • Etude 1 solutions posted in the etudes

  • Etude 1 posted in the etudes

  • Added question 1.5 to practice linear modeling in Homework 1; see updated file in exercises

  • Homework 1 is posted in exercises

  • Link to gradescope for the class is up. The entry code is available in Ed.

  • We will use Ed for discussion for the quarter. Please contact the course staff if you cannot access the discussion board for some reason.

  • Background notes on matrices, linear algebra, and optimization posted in the syllabus.

  • Welcome to stats305a, Fall Quarter 2021-2022. We are excited to have you here!