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Summer 2007

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New Issue

Mantis 6: Geographies is now out! The issue includes two special features:

- Rolf Dieter Brinkmann: Late Work (tr. Mark Terrill and criticism by Martin Kagel)

- On Raúl Zurita’s INRI (tr. and afterward by William Rowe)

Plus, new poetry and translations by:

Eleni Sikelianos

Ko Un

Amina Saïd

Marilyn Hacker

Valerio Magrelli

G.C. Waldrep

And, criticism and reviews:

Vincent Katz on Place

Liz Bradfield on the Arctic

Maria Hummel on New England

Keith Ekiss on Ko Un

David Lummus on Troy Jollimore and Valerio Magrelli

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Featured Poems

Bob Perelman - "The Task of the Translator"

Kate Schapira - "Poem from the English"

Aaron McCollough - "Prisoner's Wreath #3 and #5"

Alfred Arteaga - "Lilac, Serial, Stasis"; "En Lugar de la Nada"

Laura Minor - Ida in the Lilacs

Stephanie Bolster -Winning the West

Fred Chappell - The Genealogist

Yusef Komunyakaa -Sappho of Mytilene

Reetika Vazirani - Radha

Featured Translations

Ann Cefola - Translation: Hélène Sanguinette's "De la main gauche" (pdf)

Adam J. Sorkin and Alina Cârâc - Translation: From loan Flora's Medeea si masinile ei de razboi (pdf)

Burcu Alkan - Translation: Rifat Ilgaz's "Beyaz" (pdf)

Featured Audio

Michael McDonagh - Once (with Lisa Scola Prosek)
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Michael McClure - Maybe Mama Lion (with Ray Manzarek)
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WMA | MP3 | text

Yusef Komunyakaa - No Lowdown Blues (recorded with Hamiett Bluiett)
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Featured Interviews

Bob Perelman - A Discussion: Poetry and Discipline

Bei Doa - Interview: "In my writing, I'm continually seeking a direction" (pdf)

Featured Essays

Matthew Hart - Taking the Unity out of Community

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