Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifies for reimbursement?

  • Items with an initial purchase price of over $20,000 (this does not include items required to be restrained by fire code) will qualify for 75% of the cost to restrain.

How much will it cost?

  • Restraints and the Universal Restraint Bar to cost $20-$70 per piece of equipment. For items with an original purchase price of $20,000 or above, the laboratory will pay 25%, which is an average cost of $5 - 18 per piece of equipment.  
  • The School, Department or laboratory pays 100% of the cost for equipment with a value of $5,000 to $20,000.

What if we like equipment to be mobile?

  • Most benchtop solutions are completely mobile and will not inhibit the use of equipment at all.

What about all of the equipment under $20,000?

  • Items under $20,000 will cost $20-70 per piece to restrain. Laboratories are encouraged to restrain all equipment on benchtops, regardless of the purchase price.

What if we do not have much time to devote to this project?

  • The ProtectSU Program Coordinator will schedule the work, communicate with laboratory personnel and manage the vendor. So, labs interested in taking advantage of the cost-sharing program will not have to worry about overseeing the implementation of restraints.

 How do I get help restraining my equipment?

Simply contact the ProtectSU Program Coordinator at 650-723-9273 to initiate a project.

How do I find a vendor and who is qualified to do the seismic restraint work?

The ProtectSU Program has negotiated a contract and Stanford pricing with Quakehold Industrial, Inc. to provide seismic restraint materials and installation.  The contract is in effect through September 2016.

Other resources to provide seismic restraints are:

What is the process for reimbursement?

  • Make sure Sunflower record is updated
  • Complete application and follow the submittal instructions

If the project is managed by the ProtectSU program, do I pay anything?

Yes, you will pay the cost to restrain any items required to be restrained by the Fire Marshall and 25% of the cost to restrain any items with an original purchase price under $20,000.  For these items, the vendor will invoice Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S), which will pay the invoice in full and then prepare an iJoural entry to be reimbursed for the Department or School or Laboratory share. 

If the Department purchases restraint items directly from a vendor and manages the work, how is the reimbursement by the ProtectSU program provided?

Contact the vendor and arrange to order and install the restraints or to have the vendor on-site to do the work.  Pay the vendor's invoice and then send a ProtectSU Reimbursement Form to Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S).  You will need to provide the following documentation for each item restrained:

  • Sunflower Asset/Tag #
  • Cost to restrain
  • Company/vendor used
  • Date restrained
  • Before (if available) and after photo

What if I have laboratory equipment that will require specialized restraints?
The ProtectSU vendor, Quakehold Industrial, Inc. works with the Laboratory Manager and researchers to custom design restraint systems that won't impede research in any way.  When needed, restraint system components can be custom fabricated.