Several students have inquired about url's of course web projects done for the Rise of Scientific Medicine last year. Unfortunately, many of the students were graduating seniors and copies of their websites were not created before their leland accounts expired--and all their data along with it unfortunately. Some students are still here, however, and their websites are still live. In fact we are using some of these sites in the course as parts of our course reader this year! The sites listed below should give you an idea of the types of things your predecessors have done. Here are some of the addresses:

Rich Wang and Andrew Blackburn: Perception as Reality: The Social History of Syphillis and Polio

Molly Billings: The Influenza Pandemic of 1918

Megan Fix: Kidney Transplantation: Past, Present and Future

Suhail Kanchwala: Ectogenesis (a project done for BodyWorks, Winter 98)

Daniela Kim: Micromanipulation (a really cool site on reproductive medicine)

Natalia Carlson and Michelle Moulton: The History of Smallpox Eradication

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