Kidney Transplantation: Past, Present, and Future


 Real People

Organ transplantation and donation is a field of medicine that is peppered with ethical issues.

 Perhaps the main question is why we do not have enough organ donations to fit the need of patients. Many people die while waiting for an organ. Why is this? Many people do not know that organ donation is most often done through family members - not the organ donor card. Read aboutdonation and the 10 most common misconceptions that people have about organ donation.

As you browse the pages that follow, think about the questions that arise in your mind. What do YOU think can be done to help solve the growing waiting list and the lack of organs available? How do we currently deal with issues of:

Compensation for Organ Donorâs Families

Selling Organs

Compliance after surgery

Abuse of oneâs organs?

 Xenotransplantation ethics


Many of these questions were provided by the list of wuestion and answers of TransWeb, a very informative site about transplantation. Click below to find more information about ethics from TransWeb.

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