Good History of Physics Web Sites


AIP Center for History of Physics


The American Institute of Physics Center for History of Physics has a number of good web sites on the history of twentieth century physics, plus links to other good sites. Its home page is:




You can also go directly to web pages developed by the Center on several topics:


                   Albert Einstein’s many contributions


                   J.J. Thomson’s discovery of the electron


                       Marie Curie & discovery of radioactivity


              Werner Heisenberg & uncertainty principle


                 Ernest O. Lawrence and the cyclotron


In addition, you can read, download and print copies of selected papers of important early American physicists Benjamin Franklin, Joseph Henry, Albert Michelson, J. Willard Gibbs, Robert Millikan, and Arthur H. Compton at the following link:




In collaboration with the Public Broadcasting System, Twin Cities Public Television of Minneapolis-St. Paul produced a television documentary on the invention of the transistor that was an adaptation of Crystal Fire. They also developed a web site in connection with the program that has substantial material that is not in the book. It can be found at: