History of Science Reading Group

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The Stanford History of Science Reading Group began as an endeavor to provide a forum to engage some of the key methodological issues in the History of Science. The group will meet to discuss how to think about science historically, how the history of science fits within the broader discipline of history, and how to make use of developments in related disciplines such as philosophy, anthropology, and science and technology studies. The Reading Group will host five dinner presentations on subfields within the History of Science over the course of the Winter Quarter, each of which will be followed by discussion. These meetings are open to the entire History and History of Science community, and we encourage all those interested to attend.


  • 1. 21 January 2014, 7.00 PM
    Topic: History of Mathematics
    Presenter: Samuel Huneke
  • 2. 27 January 2014, 6.00 PM
    Topic: Food, Science and Culture during the European Enlightenment
    Presenter: Halley Barnet
  • 3. 10 February 2014, 6.00 PM
    Topic: Scientific Knowledge and Empire
    Presenter: Rebecca Wall
  • 4. 24 February 2014, 6.00 PM
    Topic: Technology, Ideology and the Modern State
    Presenter: Nicholas Levy
  • 5. 10 March 2014, 6.00 PM
    Topic: Science and Difference
    Presenter: Hannah LeBlanc

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