Presentation Calendar
Spring 2004

April 8: The Medical Gaze: French Revolution and Medical Reform

Casey Alt

April 13: Public Health and Moral Contagion


April 15: The Development of Experimental Medicine

Tim Lenoir

April 20: The Germ Theory of Disease


April 22: The Microbe Hunters and the Medical Industry


April 27: Therapeutic Revolution?


April 29: Professionalization of Medicine


May 4: Gender, Science, Medicine

Sarah Richardson

May 6: Social Construction of Medical Practice: The Case of Venereal Disease


May 11: Science at the Bedside


May 13: Fundamental and Applied Science: The Case of Eugenics


May 18: The Human Genome Initiative and Medicine


May 20: Technomedicine


May 25: Biomedical Platforms: The Rise of Biomedicine


May 27: Molecular Medicine


June 1: Managed Care and the Corporate Body