Claudia Brosseder

Visiting Scholar, History of Science
History Building 200, Room 25
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305-2024
Tel (650) 723-9461
Fax (650) 725-0597

cbrossed @


Current Research

Claudia Brosseder is a visiting scholar in the Program of History and Philosophy of Science and Technology. She is a fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation coming from Munich, Germany. After having studied History and Philosophy at the University of Munich she studied with Anthony Grafton in Princeton in 1998/99. She has received her Doctor's degree from the University of Munich in 2002 on the history of astrology and published a book on Germany's Protestant erudites who were promoting astrology as a hermeneutical art and were working as astrologers in 16th century Germany. (Claudia Brosseder: Im Bann der Sterne. Caspar Peucer, Philipp Melanchthon und andere Wittenberger Astrologen. Berlin. Akademie-Verlag, 2004, 429 p.). A brief abstract in English might be retrieved under: ("The Writing in the Wittenberg sky: Astrology in sixteenth-century Germany," Journal of the History of Ideas, 66.4 (2005) 557-576).

Her current interests have brought her to the history of Science in colonial Latinamerica, especially in Peru, where she looks for the forgotten "magicians" in colonial times. She was awarded the Bayerische Habilitationsförderpreis in 2002-2005 for this project and is actually working on a book on the "European Perception of Magic and of the Preternatural in Peru and Mexico (16th-18th centuries)."


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