Summer Program
Date: June 22, 2017 – August 9, 2017

The morning sessions of the Inter-University Center's summer program are focused on advanced spoken Japanese. The objective is to acquire the ability to naturally, correctly and appropriately express thoughts and opinions. In addition to written and computer-based text materials, video documentaries and film are also used.

The afternoon session is devoted to conversation, field-trip classes, and kanji. Three times weekly, students engage in discussion focused on a variety of topics during a one-hour conversation class. The objective of the class is to improve fluency through free discussion on various topics. Teachers moderate and encourage participation and introduce the use of appropriate expressions. Once a week, a one-hour vocabulary class is held. During this class there is a review of the kanji and vocabulary introduced in the week.

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To qualify for admission, an applicant must (1) demonstrate a clear intent to pursue a professional or academic career requiring the use of Japanese; and (2) have successfully completed two to three years of college-level instruction. In terms of actual language proficiency, successful applicants are expected to have a solid foundation in the fundamental structures of Japanese, to have mastered both kana syllabaries, and to be able to read and write approximately 500 to 700 kanji.

Please read the summer brochure carefully to understand the objectives of the course and the IUC’s expectations of the students. Click here to view the summer brochure.

Admissions to the Inter-University Center are made without regard to gender, age, race, disability, sexual preference, or religious affiliation.

1. The application fee is $80 (U.S.), with checks made payable to Stanford University. Please submit with application materials.

2. The language evaluation form must be filled out by someone (preferably a Japanese language teacher) qualified to judge your proficiency in Japanese. Both forms, as well as your transcripts, must reach the Center by March 10, 2017. Early submission is encouraged.

3. Admission decisions will be announced by e-mail not later than April 1. Students selected as alternates for admission will be notified whether they will be admitted by May 8. If an alternate student does not hear from the Center by May 8, that will mean that they have not been admitted.

4. A signed letter of agreement of attendance must be returned to the Stanford office by April 15.

5. Tuition is due at the Stanford office, payable in U.S. dollars, no later than June 23. Checks should be made payable to Stanford University.

6. Any admitted applicant who decides not to enroll in the program should immediately notify the Center and the Stanford office.

7. After the application period, any questions regarding attendance should be sent to the Center via email at

Please note that enrollment in the Center Summer Program is limited and if there are a large number of applicants, it may not be possible to admit all qualified applicants.

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Attendance Fees

Tuition for the 2017 summer program is $5,000 (U.S.). Students currently enrolled in a degree granting program and/or recently graduated from an IUC member institution during the 2016-2017 academic year will receive a guaranteed tuition scholarship of $600 to attend the Inter-University Center Summer 2017 program. Fees include all textbooks and other instructional materials. Fees are subject to change.

Note: IUC scholarship other than that noted above is not available for the summer program.

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Application Instructions and Forms

Application Deadline (received by): March 10, 2017

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All Inter-University Center application forms are available in either Adobe Acrobat PDF or Microsoft Word. To view PDF files, download Adobe's free Acrobat Reader software.

Yokohama Office for delivery of Summer Application Materials: IUC Summer Program Inter-University Center for Japanese Language Studies
Pacifico Yokohama, 5F
1-1-1 Minato Mirai, Nishi-ku ,
Yokohama, Japan 220-0012

Contact Information for Summer Program and Applications:
Tel: (045) 223-2002

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