Inter-University Center Scholarships

IUC scholarship support is merit based (primary) and need based (secondary) and thus all applicants are considered for any applicable scholarship. During 2020-21, the majority of students received partial, up to full tuition scholarships ranging from $5,000 - $33,000.

Not all students who are offered admission will receive IUC scholarship. Admission to the IUC does not imply or guarantee receipt of scholarship.

Internal Sources

The IUC has several sources of Internal scholarship and/or living stipends available (e.g., The Nippon Foundation Fellows Program, The Toshizo Watanabe Fellows Program, the Tokyo Club, the Shoyu Club, Mitsubishi UFJ, Ito Foundation U.S.A., Fred and Ann Notehelfer, the Fowler Scholarship, SMBC Global Foundation, and the Sato Foundation).

All 10-Month program applicants are considered for any applicable scholarship. Most internal scholarships provide partial, up to full tuition while some include a modest living stipend.

No separate scholarship applications are required for internal agencies.

External Sources

Applicants to the IUC may wish to secure sources of external tuition and/or living stipend funding. Past agencies that have generously provided either tuition and/or living stipends so that admitted students may enroll at the IUC include The Blakemore Foundation (late December), Light Fellowship (Yale students), FLAS, NSEP and the Center for East Asian Studies (Stanford students).

Each of these external organizations has their own application cycle and requirements. Please check with each organization for deadlines and requirements.

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