Stanford University

We hear you.

Stanford is ending fundraising calls.

vintage telephone

Why Are We Doing This? The 411
//Phone calls are old school.

For many years, student callers have reached out to you by phone. No more.

What's changing?
Starting September 1, 2016, Stanford will no longer call alumni, parents, and friends to ask for gifts to the university's annual funds.

But I liked talking with student callers!
Students enjoyed chatting with you, too. And we are grateful for the gifts you made while talking with them. We still need you, and we promise to continue sending you stories of students and faculty and the incredible work they're doing with your support.

Why change?
There was a time when calling was a good way to reach supporters. But today, more and more people tell us they prefer to give in other ways, when they're ready, not when the phone rings.

We Still Need You!
//Calling is over, but Stanford is forever.

Your gift still makes a difference.
Stanford's endowment generates only 23 percent of the university's operating budget. Annual giving fills a crucial gap. Plus, annual gifts go to work right away (unlike endowed gifts, which are invested for the long term), so your gift has immediate impact.

Give online: it’s the modern way to give today!

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We're Still Listening
//Tell us what you think.

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Email us or call 866.543.0243.

Again, please excuse us.
//We never meant to interrupt your...

[ ] Fantasy football
[ ] Football fantasy
[ ] Virtual reality dragon rodeo
[ ] Kung-pao kale
[ ] Caramelized kumquats
[ ] Crunches/curls/squats
[ ] Chance encounter with Bjork
[ ] Knitting/needlepoint
[ ] IPO countdown
[ ] Online brand repositioning
[ ] Attempts to explain algebra
[ ] Doppler radar analysis

[ ] Transcendental dishwashing
[ ] DIY man-cave remodeling
[ ] Shiatsu manicure
[ ] Competitive ice carving
[ ] Bonsai tree trimming
[ ] Child's accordion recital
[ ] Jug band jam session
[ ] Grandma's 100th birthday party
[ ] Quest for parking
[ ] Search for keys/eyeglasses
[ ] Staring off into space
[ ] Other