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2003-2004 Fellow Zephyr Frank

2003-2004 FELLOWS

External Faculty Fellows

Marilynn Desmond English and Comparative Literature, Binghamton University
“The Fall of Troy and the Uses of Universal History in Medieval French and English Culture”

Jeff Dolven English, Princeton University
"Tales out of School: Romance and the English Educational Revolution"

Karen Henson Music, King’s College, Cambridge / Columbia University
"Physiognomies of Opera: Voice and Performance on the Fin de Siecle Stage"

Rebecca Lemon English, University of Southern California
"Treason by Words: Law, Literature and Rebellion in Early Modern England, 1591-1611"

Denise Schmandt-Besserat Art and Middle Eastern Studies, University of Texas-Austin
"Interface Between Writing and Art"

Jonathan Schofer Hebrew and Semitic Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison
"Time, Space, and the Making of a Rabbinic Sage"

Miguel Tamen Literary Theory and Romance Literatures, Universidade de Lisboa
"Catharsis and Conversion"

Alan Taylor History, University of California-Davis
"The Dividing Ground: Natives, Settlers, and the Boundaries of the American Revolution"

Rockefeller Fellows

Jayna Brown Ethnic Studies/English Literature, University of Oregon
"Babylon Girls: African-American Performance and the Making of the Modern"

Helen Mugambi Comparative Literature, California State University-Fullerton
"Volatile Genders: Masculinities and Nation in Postcolonial Song"

Internal Faculty Fellows

Karol Berger Music, Stanford University
"Time’s Arrow and the Advent of Musical Modernity"

Zephyr Frank History, Stanford University
"Rich and Poor in Nineteenth Century Brazil: Family, Slavery, and the Origins of Inequality"

Denise Gigante English, Stanford University
"Vital Powers: Romanticism, Aesthetics, and Science"

Tamar Schapiro Philosophy, Stanford University
"Acting Well When Others Don’t"

Peter Stansky History, Stanford University
"The Blitz and its Significance"

Chao Fen Sun Asian Languages, Stanford University
"Chinese Languages and Chinese Culture"

Gavin Wright Economics, Stanford University
"The Economic Consequences of the Civil Rights Revolution in the American South"

Geballe Dissertation Fellows

Raul Coronado, Jr. Modern Thought and Literature, Stanford University
"Competing American Modernities: Politics, Writing and the Making of a US-Mexican Literary Culture"

Brian Epstein Philosophy, Stanford University
"The Limits on the Thinkable: Conceptual Innovation and the Constitution of Social Objects"

Jared Farmer History, Stanford University
"American Land Marks: A History of Place and Displacement"

Amelia Glaser Comparative Literature, Stanford University
"The Temple and the Marketplace: Jewish-Slavic Exchange in East European Literature"

Karen Gross English, Stanford University
"The Lives of the Dead: Biography and Medieval Humanism"

Sanja Perovic Comparative Literature, Stanford University
"The French Republican Calendar: Excavating an Imaginary of Revolutionary Time"

David Platt Classics, Stanford University
"Open from the First Hour to the Sixth:
Libraries, Books, and Literary Culture in Roman Athens"

Jessica Straley English, Stanford University
"How the Child Lost its Tail: Evolutionary Theory, Victorian Pedagogy and the Development of Children's Literature"

Heather Webb French and Italian, Stanford University
"‘L cor m'impregna’: The Generative Powers of the Medieval Heart"

Undergraduate Research fellows

Taylor Clark International Relations
Working with Zephyr Frank on a project titled "A Map of Wealth and Poverty: Rio de Janeiro in the Nineteenth Century."

Dinar Patel International Relations
Working with Peter Stansky on "Building Imperial New Delhi."

Famia Nkansa Psychology
Working with Helen Mugambi on "The Production of Shifting Gender Identities in Diasporic Cultures."

Jenny Kim English and Classics
Writing scholarly annotations for Denise Gigante's book Romantic Gastronomy: An Anthology of the Arts and Pleasures of the Table.

Jason Rosensweig Comparative Literature
Working with Miguel Tamen on "Cynical Critique and Nietzsche's 'On the Utility and Liability of History.'"

Carolyn Sinsky Comparative Literature
Working with Jeff Dolven to develop a new graduate course called "Reading Romantic Lyric."