Who doesn't love to talk about their car, especially when it's an electric vehicle? When asked to pick three words to describe how they feel about their EV, almost every respondent to our EV Pioneer Survey used the word fun (check it out!- at the bottom of the page).

We've pulled together stories, test data, specs, and yes, even poetry about what it's like to drive an electric vehicle. EV's may look like the future of transportation, but these documents suggest that even the future has a bit of a history. Here's what people had to say:
Performance Data:
  • Bill Williams' Battery Test Data
  • Specs for 1975 Electric Honda
  • Specs for 1975 Electric Datsun
  • Driving and Conversion Stories
  • Andrew Letton's CitiCar
  • Chris Espinosa's EV Plus
  • William Korthof's EV Plus Update
  • Jack Gretta's Unusual Renault
  • Steve Kirsch's EV-1 Testimonial
  • EV Chronicles on the Web
  • The Kodamas' EV-1 Chronicles
  • William Korthof's EV Plus Trip Logs
  • Kris Trexler's Charge Across America
  • Little Ditties:
  • Phil Hodgetts' Poem
  • Lee Hart's Song
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