Welcome to what will be the heart of EV Online: the archive. In this, our inaugural incarnation, this section of the site displays only a small sampling of the types of historical documents this site will eventually archive.
What's available now are simply representatives of the types of sources we want to share with our online community. With your help and the help of others like you, we hope that this space will grow to be a central resource for information on electric vehicles on the Web. To be able to do this we depend on you, our generous and thoughtful users. More than anything, we need contributions, feedback, and comments from our visitors!
We've grouped the sources we have by subject matter for ease of use and easy expandability. As the site grows, we plan to enable user searches within the archive by keywords, data type, image contents, and more. Go browsing in one of the following categories:

Drivers Tell All:
Get it from the source. EV drivers share their experiences owning, converting, tweaking, and driving electric vehicles. We've gathered everything here, from battery test data, to songs, to spec sheets, to stories, to whole websites devoted to the experience of driving an electric vehicle.

The History of the Future: Is the future electric? Lots of people think so. Forecasting has always been a big part of the discourse around electric cars. Take a look at what some different people have decided the future of electric vehicles will look like.

Electric vehicle enthusiasts don't just spend their weekends cleaning battery contacts in the garage. EV lovers gather together; they confer; they network. Take a look at some of the EVS symposium's humble beginnings and its impressive future.

Historical Photos: For those who can never get enough pictures of people and their cars. We've gathered a few interesting photographs of electric vehicles from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. This is a photo of one of GM's first electric vehicles. EVs have come a long way, baby..
EV Organizations and Clubs: Before the Internet and the World Wide Web made it easy to keep in touch with like-minded individuals, hobbyists all around the country formed organizations to get and keep themselves and others on the road. This late-1960s EAA logo from John Newell's collection is just one artifact of the years of effort EV enthusiasts have put into their unique hobby.
Policy Documents: They may not be much to look at, but primary sources about the history of governmental policy about electric vehicles are both numerous and informative. Read what the government was doing to support electric vehicle technologies back in the 1970s.

More Categories To Appear!

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