If you own and/or drive an electric vehicle, you already know that you are ahead of the pack. What you may not yet know is that you are literally making history, and we want to make sure that decades from now, your experiences have not been forgotten.

This website has been created for you-to chronicle your experiences so that scholars and others interested in patterns of social and technological change will know what you did and why.

Please use the website as both a repository and a resource: contribute to it as frequently and in as many ways as you wish, and return often to learn from what your fellow EV drivers and EV scholars have experienced and discovered.

Here are some ground rules:

  1. This is a public service website. It has been funded by a private philanthropic foundation (the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation), and no companies will be allowed preferential access to any data we collect. We just store it.
  2. You can remain as confidential and anonymous as you wish. Your login ID, if you choose to obtain one, is merely used as a label for any survey data you enter and to enable you to bypass the login screen.
  3. In an attempt make this site a living archive for the history of EV drivers, owners and enthusiasts, we will endeavor to to put any material you send us on the website as soon as possible, within two to three days of receipt when possible. We are also investigating the possibility of including immediate email threading into the website, so that your thoughts and responses have an immediate presence.

How to contribute to the website:

  1. Click on the contribute! icon wherever you see it. You will create an electronic email form that you can use to send us your thoughts about whatever is on the screen in front of you or just on your mind. Note: You must have your browser's mail preferences properly configured in order to email us. Here's how:
    • In Netscape, pull down the "Options" menu and click on either "Preferences..." or "Mail and News Preferences...", depending on what version you're using.
    • In Internet Explorer, click on the "Mail" button, and if you can, pull down the "Mail" menu and click on "Options..." If clicking on the "Mail" button simply provides you with another menu, choose "New Message..." and follow the Configuration Wizard's instructions.
    • For other browsers, try going to your browser's homepage for instructions. If you don't know that address, try Browser Watch's Browser Blvd to find it.
    • If all else fails, use your own email program to contact us at the following address evonline@ucla.edu; or call 310 206 3403 to reach the project's primary investigator, Prof. David A. Kirsch.
  2. To keep the pikers and heels who claim to have run their semis 600 miles on a thimbleful of fairy-dust from gumming up the works for everyone else, you will be asked to provide some basic information about yourself. We will use this information only to contact you if we need you to elaborate upon or authenticate your submissions. No one else will have access to your personal information unless you say so.
  3. Tell us about your and your car by filling out our general EV Pioneer Survey. We know that you've probably filled out more surveys than you can remember. Hopefully, this will be the last one because we will not hoard the results to make money off you by trying to sell you stuff. No, our survey data will be available to any site user who wants to look at it (names removed, of course).
This site is dedicated to using the World Wide Web to record recent events in the history of technology and to make this history available to the wider public. Please address comments, criticism, and contributions to <evonline@ucla.edu >.