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  April 1994

Open III Class: #1, Bob Schneeveis' Snow White, driven by Tim Moser. Back for its second year, a new open wheel design avoided the tire heating problems encountered in 1993. They had to settle for second place but they kept within a lap of the Brawner Lola throughout the race. During practice, they clocked a one-mile lap speed of 100.228 mph!

Open III Class: #00, 1992 Feddersen Lectricar, built, owned, and driven by Bruce Feddersen.

Open III Class: #10, 1989 Chevy Spectrum, owned and driven by veteran race driver Gene Cosmano.

Open III Class: #69, Embry Riddle 1994 H.E.R.T., driven by Tony Dibb.

Open III Class: #33, 1981 Ferrari, owned and driven by Milt Stamatis.

Open III Class: #77, 1980 Sandhawk, owned and driven by Mario Demarco.

High School Class: #50, Camelback High School 1981 Mercury Lynx, driven by Duvanel/Hildreth. Seen here after "making contact with the wall", it provides graphic evidence of the need for strict EV safety standards. The driver was OK.

Open II Class: #77, Lynx Co. Ltd. 1994 SEGO4J, driven by Yasuo Muramatsu. This photo shows the chassis layout. Note the motor and transmission on the left side of the vehicle. See page 4 for a photo with the body panels in place.