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Welcome to the Forum at EV Online. We have provided a number of virtual spaces for you to share your thoughts about electric vehicles. We'd like to hear about your larger vision about electric vehicles and benefit from your experience with EVs. Our current topic is:


Take a look and tell us what you think, but don't feel constrained by the topic we've defined. We encourage everyone to sound off, but unlike the EV mailing list, for example, these bulletin boards are not for technical discussions. Rather, we'd like to provide a space for more general discussion of the history and future of electric vehicles.

Other fora current underway include:

If you'd like, please suggest a new topic for the discussion forum.

A note on the use of content: this a public service website funded by a philanthropic foundation, so nothing you contribute will be used to sell you stuff. Contributions to the website can be kept publicly anonymous. They become part of the EV Online historical archive being kept for the benefit of future generations, and may be used in future projects. Because of this, we do need to keep some records on your identity, but this information will not be visible on the website unless you choose to make yourself known.

Of course, please do not submit (and EV Online does reserve the right to pull off) any profane, hateful, or slanderous content or any content which infringes on the intellectual property rights of others.

Making a submission will be taken as your agreement with these terms.

This site is dedicated to using the World Wide Web to record recent events in the history of technology and to make this history available to the wider public. Please address comments, criticism, and contributions to < >.