Jack Gretta, EV hobbyist of many years, sent us these pictures of just some of his electric vehicles, including his 1959 Renault Dalphine, fondly known as his "Hum Bug." Click on any of the pictures for a closer look.

Renault Dalphine
Henney  Kilowatt Car
designed by Henney Coach Co., Glenn Cove, Long Island
assembled  by Eureka Vacuum, Bloomington, Ill.

I have had a 1959 Henney Kilowatt Car for 27 years and driven it 36000 miles.  I drive it everyday, weather permitting (solar heat you know).
I bought my Henney June 1972 from Lockhaven aeromotive.  They made kit cars, and the Henney was on consignment from Tiffiny Motors of Opalocka, Florida.  It was assembled By Eureka Vacuum sweeper of Bloomington, Ill. in 1959.   It had 847 miles on it, put on in 12 years of demonstrations.  In 1960 40 were made and that saturated the market.  Its weight is 2250 lb.

I have put 7 sets of batteries in it in 27 years and driven it 36000 miles.  It drives very nice in third and fourth up gear up to 50 mph with field shunting; if you keep under 45 mph it will go 50 miles.  I have been using the tow bar all over New England for many years; the Hum Bug tows very nicely at any speed.  It has 12 T145 6 volt 200 amp and 1 12 volt 80 amp batteries new last March. 

I have gotten 65 miles on a charge keeping under 40 mph. It has original upholstery, but new red paint as of September 1997.  It's a four-door sedan and will seat 3 kids in the back seat or 2 adults. I have 3 of these cars ó I have had 4 of them in 27 years and I have a MG Midget electric, too, so Iíve got to sell some of them.  Itís like having 33 sets of golf clubs: what do you do with them? 

Jack Gretta

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