If you own and/or drive an electric vehicle, you already know that you are ahead of the pack. What you may not yet know is that you are literally making history, and we want to make sure that decades from now, your experiences have not been forgotten.

This website has been created for you-to chronicle your experiences so that scholars and others interested in patterns of social and technological change will know what you did and why.

Please use the website as both a repository and a resource: contribute to it as frequently and in as many ways as you wish, and return often to learn from what your fellow EV drivers and EV scholars have experienced and discovered.

How to contribute to the website:

  • Click on the contribute! icon whenever inspiration hits, wherever you see it (like the ones to the left). That connects you to our contributions page, which allows you to post bulletin board comments or, eventually, upload files to the website.
  • To post a comment to the site, fill out the identifying fields with your name, subject and email address, and type your comment in the text box at the bottom. If your comment is too long for the form, you may contact us via email at evonline@ucla.edu.
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This site is dedicated to using the World Wide Web to record recent events in the history of technology and to make this history available to the wider public. Please address comments, criticism, and contributions to <evonline@ucla.edu>.